Joseph Samuel Roberts



The gate is situated at the entrance to Cwm Idwal and the design is derived from the iconic valley behind. I’ve sought to distill the essence of the landscape into a series of clean lines that echo the sweeping magnitude of the location. It is intended to have a tactile quality that will give those passing though it a chance to “touch” the skyline before they even reach it.


This gate, which takes the form of a rising wall of surf, was inspired by the turbulent maritime history surrounding the village.


Placed next to St Patrick's Church on the north coast of Anglsey, this gate was abstracted from the form of a Irish Harp, to celebrate the church’s celtic roots. The gateposts are made from reclaimed pier timbers and cast a shadow of reflection to the ancient monoliths that scatter the islands past.

I design and produce gates based on the geological lines and features of the mountain environment and other natural and man made forms that inspire me. All the gates that I produce are done on commission and made to the costumers specification.


This gate offers a perspective of the Nant Ffrancon valley as seen from Anglesey. The top of the gate represents the geological features of the skyline whereas the bottom portion of the gate explores the flowing features of the Cors in front of the location in which it is placed. The gate clasp takes the form of a fly orchid, also found in the Cors.


This gate marks the North Eastern entrance to the Vaynol estate along the Wales Coast Path. The gate, which uses a style sympathetic to the original style used by the estate’s blacksmiths, was inspired by the ornate hinges on the nearby mausoleum. The gate also depicts a growing and unfurling tree symbolising the abundant and established woodland on the estate and the bearing it has on the landscape.


This double gate is situated at the beginning of the Miners Track at Pen y Pass, Snowdon. The gate depicts the snowdon horseshoe stretching from Lliwedd to Crib Goch, with the summit of snowdon at the top of the centre post. The latches are forged representations of the Snowdon Lilly.


This gate is situated on the grounds of the National Writer Centre at Ty Newdd, Llanystymdwy. The gate is dedicated to the memory of Olwen Dafydd, a much loved member of staff at the centre. It depicts the view across the Dwyfor estuary back towards Criccieth and Moel y Gest, with a trail of Meillion Olwen (clover flowers) extending into the sky.